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What is a juvenile trial like

What is a juvenile trial like

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A juvenile offender has the same legal protections during trial as an adult charged with a similar crime. The judge or jury will make a determination that the petition is "proven" or "not proven.". If the matter proceeds to juvenile court and the child admits to the allegations in the petition, a treatment program is ordered. If the child denies the allegations in the petition, a hearing like an adult criminal trial is held. The child has the right to be represented by counsel at this hearing. The procedure and organization of the juvenile court system is different from the Act. Like diversion, this measure is designed to protect the juvenile so that.

The judge holds an adjudicatory hearing. If the case goes to trial (called an "adjudicatory hearing" in a juvenile case), both sides present evidence and the attorneys argue the case (much like a criminal trial). In most states, the hearing is before a judge, not a jury. Learn the basics of juvenile court, where cases normally go when a minor is year, only about 3% of cases heard in juvenile court involved violent offenses like . At the Initial Hearing, the Juvenile Court will appoint counsel (Public Defender) for (1) is in the least restrictive (most family-like) and most appropriate setting.

2 Jun Juvenile Frequently Asked Questions Abstract: Juvenile Court in Most of the time the police will issue a summons, which looks like a ticket. Analogous to an adult “conviction,” it is a formal finding by the juvenile court, after an adjudicatory hearing or the . It is similar to a complaint in adult court. is important that you understand the juvenile court process and your .. information you give them confidential like your attorney does. They can be required to. If you want more information about the case against your child and the case is in juvenile court, your child's juvenile court case file is confidential. Certain parties. A juvenile court (or young offender's court) is a tribunal having special authority to pass . formal supervision, similar to adult probation, under which a juvenile meets with and is supervised by a juvenile probation officer; or; incarceration.


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